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Real BBQ in a Real Piece of AZ History

At Joe’s Real BBQ, we obsess over BBQ, smoking our flavorful meats for hours using only Arizona pecan wood and no gas, electricity or shortcuts. There’s no other way to to get the depth of flavor and tenderness. To honor this roster of mouthwatering meats, we make 12 side dishes from scratch to accompany them.

Our building was a Safeway Pay n’ Takit grocery store built in 1929, when Gilbert was just 700 people. We’ve preserved and enhanced the building to honor the best of the past and the best of now. We have become the place for gatherings, whether indoors, on our climate-controlled patio, or in our festive picnic park."


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Family Owned and Operated

Since it opened in 1998, Joe’s Real BBQ has been owned and operated by the Johnston and Peelen Families. We are very proud to both live in the Town of Gilbert and to be a part of the vibrant Gilbert Heritage District. Be sure to say “hello” the next time you visit!